E-2 - Airman Apprentice (AA) Coast Guard Chiefs, Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs (E-7, E-8, and E-9) are held in high esteem and to a higher standard than enlisted Coast Guardsman of lesser pay grades. Two separate pay grades exist within this rank — one for those with service of less than four months, with a higher pay scale for those in service for more than four months, even if they have not yet advanced to Seaman Apprentice. Nearly 42,000 men and women are actively serving in the Coast Guard to defend America’s borders and protect the maritime environment. It is above Seaman and below Petty Officer Second Class.A Petty Officer Third Class serves both as a leader and as a technical expert, and all Petty Officers have a … The rate and grade of an enlisted Coast Guardsman can be identified by rating badge (found on the left sleeve of the Coast Guard dress uniforms). Each non-rate (E-1) is designated at boot camp to indicate eligibility for entry into various ratings. Devotion to Duty - We are professionals, military and civilian, who seek responsibility, accept accountability, and are committed to the successful achievement of our organizational goals. Respect - We value our diverse work force. The Coast Guard is responsible for assisting sailors and other people in distress. SN be expected to not only follow all orders and tasking given by your superiors, but to begin to take a leadership role, such as your unit's Leading Seaman. Navy Petty Officers are not only responsible for their own performance, they are also responsible to and for their subordinates': Pinning on the Crow : Unlike advancement to E-2 and E-3, advancement to Petty Officer is based on both basic eligibility requirements and in some cases a Coast Guard service-wide competition. The 17th District encompasses over 3,853,500 sq. Those in the aviation community are called Airmen Apprentice and wear green stripes on both navy blue and white uniforms. Formerly, the Coast Guard was part of the Department of Transportation, but soon after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Coast Guard roles were upgraded to a more anti-terrorism and port protection as well as other lifesaving, shipping security, and drug interdiction duties. We encourage individual opportunity and growth. "Our local and extended Coast Guard teams were active alongside our federal, territory, and local partners in this recovery effort," said Capt. As with Seamen Apprentice (SA), the actual title for an E-3 in the Coast Guard depends on the work area and career path the member has been assigned. VFC - Vice Flotilla Commander:Has the primary responsibility for administration and coordination of the flotilla staff. Register to receive the 7th District notices. Those in the engineering and hull community are called Firemen Apprentice and wear red strips on a blue background. Just when a piece of equipment is functioning perfectly, scheduled maintenance says take it apart and put it back together. E-2 - Seaman Apprentice (SA) The duties of ASTs include saving lives, providing emergency medical support, and maintaining the survival equipment their shipmates depend upon in emergencies. Basic eligibility for advancement to MCPO includes the CO's recommendation, 2 years time-in-rate (TIR) as a SCPO and completion of the Coast Guard Chief’s Academy or one of the Department of Defense (DoD) Senior Enlisted Academies. The U.S. Coast Guard played a vital role in the Vietnam War, but the service’s combat operations in South East Asia remain unknown to most Americans. A Coast Guard Chief is expected to exemplify the services core values of: Honor - Integrity is our standard. An HS is normally assigned to a large Coast Guard clinic, small sick bay ashore or aboard a cutter. Judge Advocate General's Mission Statement. We are always prepared to respond to emergent search and rescue cases and pollution incidents.". The Chief’s professionalism, performance, and hard work are reflected in the unit’s morale, performance and professionalism. The CPO carries out more administrative duties than more junior ranks and is responsible for maintaining discipline. Commissioned Coast Guard officers do not enlist. All rights reserved. Putting a Star on the Anchor: Unlike advancement to Chief Petty Officer, the Senior Chief advancement process is basic eligibility requirements, the Service-Wide competition. Meanwhile, crew members from the USCG cutters. miles and over 47,300 miles of shoreline throughout Alaska and the Arctic. The supervisor is responsible for determining the work assignments of an employee and has the responsibility for ensuring the PD accurately states the major duties, responsibilities, and essential knowledge and/or skills required to successfully perform the … History of the Coast Guard . of Cocaine, Coast Guard Small Boats Brave Intense Surf Swells, The Coast Guard has Seized $1.8bn Worth of Cocaine this Year, Man Clinging to Boat Rescued by Coast Guard, Coast Guard Helps Release 200 Baby Sea Turtles. Being a Coast Guard non-rate is your first step in becoming an integral part of your service. As such, MCPOs are vested with special command trust and confidence, extending to administrative and managerial functions involving enlisted personnel. You will be expected to follow all orders and tasking given by your superiors. Earning the CPO Anchor: Unlike advancement to E-4 through E-6, the Chief Petty Officer advancement process is based on three factors: basic eligibility requirements, Service-Wide Final Multiple Score (FMS). Note: Coast Guard non-rates who attend “A” school do not participate in the service-wide for advancement to Petty Officer Third Class. The Coast Guard has 75 marine safety experts just in Hawaii! The Coast Guard legal program delivers high-quality legal advice and support to the people who carry out the varied functions of the Coast Guard to ensure their missions, operations and activities can be achieved within the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law. Whether an AN, SN, or FN, non-rated Coast Guardsman the level of expectations increases with each promotion. Basic eligibility for advancement to PO2 is based on the CO's recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR), and completion of rating particular qualifications and nonresident courses.

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