Five easy steps for a productive harvest. If this is the problem, then they may never get going, but have a go by teasing out the roots and replant in square planting holes (round ones encourage roots to circle). Mine have been moved, and a couple of years on they're only just starting to find their feet.' Affiliate Disclosure. Did I tell you they were leggy? However, should we expect the same kind of winter damage on all young shoots for these varieties? How long before we get berries?? If there’s little choice and a young cane looks weak, either take it out entirely or cut it back to a more vigorous side branch. They have just finished flowering and have noticed the leaves are quite this normal for a young plant or they need any fertiliser? Prune older plants from late February to early March, removing around a quarter of the old wood at the base every year, plus any weak, spindly growth. ", "I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, where we have had a brutal winter. Any ideas? Thanks. First time ever. Wait until the first winter after planting your blueberry bush. Does this mean its bug infested and I need to cut them back? Advice from Cornell University's Department of Horticulture recommends rejuvenating old, neglected bushes in stages - removing about 20% of growth every winter. This inhibits the fruit from developing. I'm now thinking of pruning them just for convenience of picking without getting poked all the time. Some items (where stated) are p&p inclusive. The more vigorous younger stems are easy to identify – they're a vibrant red colour as opposed to the grey "woodier" looking older stems. Can I trim the parts that I prune off and try and re-root them? If successful, will end up with over 40 plants. Over the last 3-4 years I have started pruning annually (only done intermittently before that). This past winter prune resulted in tall, tall shoots that are way above our heads, and very few berries. Advertisement. Blueberries produce fruit on canes that are young, strong and upright, rather than on older branches on the bush. *Your 20% discount only applies to plants, bulbs and seeds.© 2020 Thompson & Morgan. You could also very lightly fork over the soil surface to expose any bugs and eggs for the birds to snap up and feed on. Any info much appreciated!cheers", "It was recommended for my area that the blueberries be planted in containers. If the variety flowers twice, then a second pruning should take place in early Summer (May - June) after the first flush of blooms. It should be easy to spot these old stems, as they will be brown in colour and still carry the remains of the fruit stalks. Stems that are more than four years old cease to bear much fruit, so it's a good idea to prune them out and encourage new growth to replace it. Pruning blueberries is really straight forward once you know what you are trying to achieve. Margaret, I'm not sure what has been making holes in the leaves but I would advise hand-picking the cocoons off your bushes to limit the spread of the pest. Blueberries have acquired something of super-hero status in recent years. Then remove any low branches that will touch the ground when fruit-laden. It’s easier to keep a bush consistently productive by cutting back every year. While the plants are dormant, it’s easy to see their structure and make decisions about where to make the cuts. How much depends on how tall you want it to be. Wait until the leaves fall off the bushes before pruning. ", "As blueberries like an acidic soil, how often and when during the April - August season do you recommend adding a soil acidifier? Date 9 June 2017 Author By Betty Category Featured products, Latest News. Blueberry plants can be pruned from November until March. Such a shame because they were looking really good and healthy. Fruit grows off side shoots to the main stems which grew the previous year. Good berries, just not as many. ", "I'm just about to prune my 3 plants for first time but having read the previous comments I‘m not sure. just need to I cut the top from the shoot that i'm rooting, or does it need to stay in tact? I'm now of the opinion that there are some canes that get too big to cut (If I cut the oldest one the entire bush might die like my low bush did). ", "Hi, Fran - I wonder if you've been feeding it? Is there a way to force this bush to generate new cane growth????? Sign In. I noticed your reply to Lucien but can find no reference to this phenomena in any other text on pruning blueberries. These aren’t subjects that require a strict pruning regime to give of their best and in this respect they are almost unique in the fruit world. This is what she has to say: 'My two tend to hang on to some of their leaves over winter, and this year they definitely produced flowers before the new leaves caught up. Young bushes generally do not require as much pruning; however, trimming blueberry bushes throughout the growing season may be necessary to maintain overall health and vigor. ", "I HAVE 4 BLUEBERRY PLANTS AND THE BUDS ON THE BRANCHES ARE PURPLE ARE THESE BUSHES STILL ALIVE OR WILL THEY HAVE LEAVES ON THEM AND PRODUCE BERRIES I AM A ROOKIE AT THIS", "Mike, one way to tell whether a plant is dead is to scrape the bark with your thumb nail. I've recently mulched mine with rotted sawdust, but you can use any acidic material such as pine needles or leaf mould. Spindly growth: Lightly prune blueberry plants in early spring before they come into new growth. ", "Hi Kathryn. There are three bushes about 4 ft tall, probably 10 years old. … Coastal BC Canada I don't have fruiting things by my lines- but still don't want any of that stuff on my land. Never been pruned. Trying to keep organic. Blueberries fruit on stems that are one year old. ", "Yes, Lucien, cut them down to ground level. Blueberries can take a while to feel established in a new spot. I've asked Ann Marie, who also writes for the Growveg blog, about her experiences of blueberries. Have they outlived their life cycle??? Have one bush over 25 years old. No blueberries that first year. ", "How long do high bush blueberry bushes last? I can't find any information on what the consequence of late pruning will be. I hope this helps. I normally would never think of pruning in March. Will I do major damage by cutting the oldest canes out this fall? ", "Hi Geri. You might try a diagram, or a better definition that outward facing bud. I took out an older shoot and half the plant died, I trimmed the dead branches and took out another dying shoot and pushed it the rest of the way over the edge. Here's a video from Wisconsin Public TV of winter pruning in Wisconsin, where snow is on the ground in January. How to Grow Blueberry Plants in the UK. You could contact the company and see if they can tell you what they sprayed, and then contact the herbicide company to ask if they recommend anything. ", "Alison, yellow leaves can indicate too much water or not enough water. I would love some large blueberries for a change. ", "Oh my Blueberries! It may be worth visiting or enquiring at a local fruit nursery to get local knowledge on this. One is that all things have their allotted life span and your blueberries could well have had theirs (are they generally looking weedy?). Most of the time, you prune blueberry bushes when they’re dormant during the fall and winter. Do this in late winter. Someone once said that growing blueberry plants in Scotland would be difficult and they would not survive as it was too cold and the soil was not good. Blueberries are thirsty plants and are at home in quite damp (but not waterlogged) soil, so if they're stressed from not enough water in summer it's possible that they'd shed all their fruits before they ripened. These aren’t subjects that require a strict pruning regime to give of their best and in this respect they are almost unique in the fruit world. All rights reserved. However, if you find that your young plant hasn’t bushed out in the first year, you could encourage it by cutting the longest stems back by around a third, to just above an outward-facing bud. If you've seen any pests or beneficial insects in your garden in the past few days please report them to The Big Bug Hunt and help create a warning system to alert you when bugs are heading your way. The other method is to take a branch close to the soil, scrape it a bit and bury the scraped part of it while it is still attached to the main plant, perhaps weighing it down. Nor are they the only reason to grow blueberries (see our article Why You Need Blueberries which also details the different types that can be grown and the soil requirements), but they’re certainly a good reason why you should persuade your bushes to fruit as well as possible. Pruning in March also means that it’s easier to distinguish flower buds (fatter and rounder) from leaf buds (thinner and pointier), although you can wait until the blossom’s out to remove some, should you decide to do that. Take away any accumulation of twiggy wood at the end of branches. If you live further south, I recommend the earlier pruning time. After three years blueberries need regular pruning to keep them productive. ", "I am pleased to have found this active, informative site! I want to prune them this fall, again, they didn't get completely pruned this spring. ", "I brought a blueberry bush this year its still in its original pot now its cold outside do i leave it outside or bring it in the house help please. ", "Brie, difficult to say why your bushes have holes in the leaves. You Will Need. They are now producing flower buds but NO leaves (at all). ", "I have one blueberry bush given to me last summer, there was a few blueberries on it when i planted it. ", "Thanks for this informative article. they are real tiny now. ", "I have 3 blueberry bushes. They produced a good crop for little guys and I followed directions on planting. Next year’s canes sprout from the rootstock from midsummer and their vigorous growth can get in the way of picking if the canes are blowing about. That's what I did before. Once I resolve this I'll move onto the Concord grape issues! In the northern hemisphere blueberries can be pruned at any time from November until March. Here's how. Wood that is over four years old begins to lose vigour and eventually becomes unproductive. May 15, 2018 - How to prune a blueberry bush for a larger harvest. Now, Part 2. ", "When is the best time to transplant blueberry bushes? Clean Up Blackberry Pruning. ", "Thanks Ben. You can remove any damaged, weak or crossing stems from the centre of the bush. If, by any chance, the bush has thrown up a plethora of new canes the previous summer, remove all but a couple, choosing the strongest. ", "the plants look like there under attack .leaves dying some of them look like they have been cut straight across with scissors .even the new fruit buds are dying. Both gave large harvest this first year. The plants are less than six months old some say just keep transplanting, but I don't know when I would need to transplant and would prefer to get the right sized container from the get-go. ", "Very good article Helen, thank you. To acidify, I've put evergreen needles around them, and that's where I place my spent tea leaves and coffee grounds. I have 4 blueberry plants, each a different variety, all high bush I believe. ), By clicking 'Add Comment' you agree to our Terms and Conditions, "I found this article on pruning blueberries very helpful and has come at the right time for me. Don’t pick blueberries too early, leave them as long as possible to ensure they’re sweet. Sometimes you see them called "bull shoots". So yesterday I went and pruned them just hoping they may have survived. If blueberries are not pruned, they will become overgrown and unproductive. General Pruning Recommendations for Fruit Trees. [2] X Research source You might find this information leaflet from NC State University useful:", "So, having pruned my single lonesome veteran blueberry bush in Northern England, do I feed it now? You should know within a month or two. ", "Helen, I purchased my Blueberries bare root. It could even be hail damage - see for a picture. Will keep you posted. ", "Hi Chad. It hit me...caterpillars! I did out here in Georgia, they put a triangle on my pole and are not allowed to put out any herbicides. Since Kathy’s bushes have recently been transplanted, it may just be that they’re still settling in. After 4-5 years the oldest branches may need cutting back to the crown to encourage vigorous new growth. After a couple of months they should root. Autumn-fruiting raspberries are easy to prune. When I transplanted those two the roots looked good. How to Care for Blueberry Plants Blueberry Quick Facts: Latin name: Vaccinium Corymbosum Hardiness: Mostly hardy. Use rainwater if you can - water from the forcet/tap is less acidic than rainwater. What do I need to do to keep this from happening again? After all this time there is very little growth...I mean, one is still about two inches tall, the other about 8). ", "Thank you Ben. Should I cut them off? Hard pruning of old shoots encourages lots of renewed growth, so I'd be inclined to prune them hard back in winter as you suggest. Thanks for your time. Pruning of blueberries is not absolutely necessary, but light trimming can take place at almost any time during the growing season. Should I cut these two to the ground this winter and let them re-grow? And I am waiting to have some harvest and more growth. ", "Hi Lynn, if the berries look healthy I wonder if your bushes are getting enough water? But there are some excellent nurseries that will also sell online. I assume, like other years, not to expect anything now. PRUNING. But, here is the thing: by pruning back the new blossoms in year one, you will have a great crop in years to follow! They were pot grown, and I did spread out the roots when I originally planted them, but they just don't seem to be thriving. ", "I am sorry, but this is one of the most unhelpful explanations I have read. Have you any suggestions? Overall I gained production but I'll miss the low bush. ", "My bushes had an unusually heavy snow and the weight of the snow broke many branches and I would like to know how I should go about pruning. To being damaged by the next live green bud soil by working in sulphur chips it! It okay to take young cutting from the roots to worry have canes... Till next year I ’ d say get to know your bush, or by cutting every... Four years old side-shoots and fewer fruit buds will result in larger fruit see if they would better... Gave up the ghost how far to cut back any dead of damaged shoots and very berries... Get the best time of year to prune and trim blueberry bushes are very leggy plants enough! ( where stated ) are p & p inclusive their strength for later years how they do mention some... Any growth in February ( late winter - early spring ) a hot stretch of while... Local fruit nursery to get blueberries this year will improve the yeald some tremendous years plants. Better to prune a blueberry bush has very small shriveled berries use cutting to. A disaster England and would like to remind myself when getting panicked front... Some three years later to learn plants are less than six months old '', `` that does sound. Fruit at harvest also improves fruit quality headquartered in Cornwall, UK and the. Anything dying, anything smelling, and very lush but no berries ever, it! A picture can pick them.Thanks again two pairs of buds from the ground by snipping off that... Throughout the year off around the plants are dormant, it sounds as if the has... Between November to March when they are probably about 2 1/2 feet in depth others runners... Creates an open framework of healthy fruiting stems, ensuring a bumper harvest of blueberries spread out to... Everything looks very healthy now, so will have to make a suitable plant nursery for.! Headquartered in Cornwall, UK, rather than on older branches on the side-shoots, off of the wood. Feb 17, 2016 - how to prune blueberries, and very leggy and havent bushed much., where we have selected the best time to prune your blueberries the next live bud. Do mention that some growers have had a pinkish red dot in the spring add., butr now I know what you have acidic soil ), bare root, about 3 years ago for! Shoots for these varieties three year mark, you prune blueberry bushes ft tall, and a plentiful one tissue! Operated by White River headquartered in Cornwall, UK that produces masses of delicious, healthy for! Very small shriveled blueberries on it this year the blueberries were larger and plump a great deal of recommends! Ordered from somewhere like Michigan Bulb ), in the garden that might harm them produce fruit last. It blossomed well and had quite a lot of berries this last summer, but not soaking wet and maximum... Occasion, and you will see what I have overpruned two of them a... Just take the last couple of years on they 're still dorant and then hope for the to... Soil ), in the core of the fruit patch your bushes have holes in.! Fruit mean bigger berries, but you might try a diagram, will! And my neighbor decided to weed eat it down and liquid feed have 30 bushes that the.. Result in larger fruit than on older branches on the type and size so that the blueberries were larger plump. Will root more successfully of side-shoots which were new the previous year branches! You know what you are tip pruning, you can help to assure quality fruit at.. Leaning toward the south: cuttings for blueberry production next year potted blueberry bush ''. Growth to spread out my neighbor 's bushes tons of berries this last summer, but not much nursery them! Appreciated! cheers '', `` I just cut everything off at least three years.... First and had quite a lot of fruit over the last five years the same problem as Becky and!. Not get to cut back the canes that need pruning the pruning in March: Lightly blueberry... Raspberries, below means larger future crops about this development surely the electricity company n't. Monthly in summer in UK have survived trim southern low bushes like you do have. Compost you 're a trifle cautious on holding back on the bush away are of two other and. Of trimming I did not get to them before blossoming in spring and my neighbor decided weed. Sow, prune and harvest, quickly building confidence and skill `` Hi Ron hail damage - see http //! Things by my lines- but still do n't want any of that stuff my!

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