Sorry, you’re not able to carry out any transactions online. You can cancel a regular contribution online up until two working days before the collection date. On 1 January 2017 Cofunds and IPS, the UK’s largest investment administration service, became part of Aegon. Withdrawal from an Aegon General Investment Account (GIA) into an Aegon ISA (PDF - 65kb), Withdrawal from an Aegon General Investment Account (GIA) into an Aegon ISA for intermediaries (PDF - 60kb). Aegon SIPP application requirements (PDF - 165kb). The Junior Investment ISA allowance forlla investors is £4,368 for the 2019/2020 tax year, and £TBC* for the 2020/2021 tax year. The ISA allowance for 2020/21 tax year is £20,000. For example, switching units between funds during a fund switch or waiting for money after a withdrawal request. There may be occasions where we require this, if this is the case, we’ll get in touch with you or your client for this. Regular investment instruction form - Aegon Platform. We aim to support older versions of browsers but updating to the most up to date version will give you the best experience. If you select drawdown transfer you can only add one transfer at a time. Cofunds administers £77.5 billion in pensions, ISAs and other products on behalf of around 760,000 investors as at 30th June 2016. ... Aegon ISA charge = £15,000 multiplied by 0.4944% = £6.18; No, just use your usual Aegon Platform sign on. Cofunds Limited without delay of any change in my circumstances affecting any of the information in this form. When switching assets into an ISA this must be an exact monetary amount so it’s clear how much will be transferred. No - you’re not able to make additional contributions to your client’s pension online on the Aegon Platform. We need written confirmation of the changes. You won’t be able to retrieve this. For each product, we need to know the relationship between the intermediary and the client. Complete this form when you wish to apply for a new CPA by transferring a scheme from which you are already taking benefits through either capped or flexi-access drawdown. If your client's bank does participate in this scheme, your client will be prompted to enter further verification information. Select ‘More options’ on your client's product summary and then select ‘Drawdown’. whether or not they are already affected by the money purchase annual allowance. You need to complete the relevant form below, get your client to sign this and submit. Withdrawal from an Aegon GIA to be paid as an additional permitted subscription into an Aegon ISA (PDF - 66KB). All members of the firm can view and use this but only an authorised individual can change or update this. If the illustration still doesn't generate, please contact our Platform Front Office. For customers. Your clients should complete our Change of customer details form and send this to us. Investment funds to a junior investment ISA, Junior investment ISA transfer application form, Child trust fund to junior investment ISA transfer application. If the third party system has seamless integration the Bulk Data admin role needs to set this up. Welcome to Aegon. Aegon ISA re-registration authority (PDF - 146KB), Regular investment instruction form - Aegon Platform (PDF - 565KB). The Aegon Platform no longer provides services for the Portfolio Bond and for insured funds in the Portfolio Plus Pension and SIPP. Aegon ISA transfer application form (PDF - 722KB), Aegon ISA transfer authority (PDF - 32KB). Cofunds complements the service provided by your Nominated Intermediary. Please contact our Platform Front Office who’ll be able to help you. There’s no maximum. The ex-spouse's or former civil partner's lifetime allowance is enhanced by applying the pension credit factor. This document provides the details required to make payments and contributions to products on the Aegon Platform. The Bulk Data service provides you with MI on your clients. We’ve made a number of improvements to transaction history to make it simpler and clearer for you and your clients to understand. Taking an ad hoc withdrawal depends on whether your client is already in drawdown or not. Quarterly rebalance – first rebalance will take place 19 December and then 19 March, 19 June and 19 September each year. For customers. Use this form to transfer a Cofunds Pension Account product to another pension provider. Sorry, this service isn't currently available. Use this form to set up a new regular contribution, amend the amount or cancel an existing regular contribution for your Aegon Self-invested Personal Pension (Aegon SIPP) on the Aegon Platform. Yes, but if your client's block transfer has a protected retirement age, we'll not allow any other transfers or contributions to be progressed until we receive the transfer with the protected retirement age. 2nd Floor, Fitzalan House Find the forms or support literature you’re looking for by clicking on the categories below: From 6 April 2020, in line with new rules, clients must get an illustration for pension income withdrawals to show the impact that the withdrawal could have on their retirement savings. How to make a new investment • For an ISA investment, please complete the Investment ISA application form on pages 3 & 4. • For an Investment Fund, please complete the Investment Funds application form on pages 9, 10, 11 & 12. To delete a live platform client who has a live product on Aegon Platform you need out contact our Platform Front Office who'll be happy to help. �\sO Usually this will be because the fund has been deemed not suitable to be sold to either advised and/or non-advised customers, according to MIFID II fund data that has been supplied by the fund manager. A charge may be applied when you switch units a … Terms and conditions supplement for the Canada Life International Portfolio Account Bond. Yes. For customers. Add the provider (Aegon in this case) to the ‘safe list’ or select ‘don’t ask me again on this device’ at the time of making the first payment. See below for the roles and what additional access you can give. To allow a customer's employer to verify that they wish to make contributions to their employees Cofunds Pension Account. If your client is already in drawdown, they can take an ad hoc income payment. Your client can make a single and/or a regular contribution into a product. No. You can't make changes to a regular contribution 10 calendar days before a collection and three working days after the next collection date. If you don’t do this your certificate will no longer be valid. For example, switching units between funds during a fund switch or waiting for money after a withdrawal request. Once verification is complete, you'll see a message on screen (and your client will receive an email) confirming if the payment was successful or not. To amend the regular investments into an existing AJ Bell SIPP  on the Aegon Platform. To help process the application smoothly, it would be beneficial if you were able to send us details for your client's ex spouse. To allow an investor to apply to hold collective investments from the Aegon Platform in an AJ Bell SIPP. Please note that this document doesn’t cover Aegon Retirement Choices. CF24 0EL. You can manage this separately once the top up is complete. You can invest the whole allowance in one type of ISA, or if you prefer you can split your ISA allowance between a cash, stocks and shares, innovative finance, and lifetime ISA. An individual panel - you can set this up and only you can view this. You’ll need to complete an application for each plan you want to re-register. their entitlement to claim unused allowance in the previous three years through membership of a registered scheme in those earlier years; their ability to make tax relievable personal contributions up to 100% of their relevant UK earning in the current tax year; the impact of the tapered annual allowance in the current or three previous three years, and. You should use this form to switch between investments held within an existing Aegon Junior ISA (JISA) on behalf of a child who is under 18 and living in the UK or on your own behalf if you are the child aged 16 to 18 who has Recurring switch into cash form (PDF – 151KB). Alternatively you can email them at or write to them at the following address: No. To allow the transfer of a pension in drawdown into an existing Cofunds Pension Account. To allow an intermediary to verify the identity of a non-private individual in relation to a Cofunds Pension Account application. Use this form to transfer an ISA from another ISA account manager : Paraplanners – view only or view and transact. We produce a pre and post illustration to show how the changes made to the income distribution choice may impact your client's product. Aegon General Investment account - Application forms, General Investment Account re-registration application form (PDF - 78KB). This Loan Agreement is presented as a draft only. For intermediaries. Use this form to set up a direct debit to pay charges from your General Investment Account only. Fund. Yes, please contact Canada Life International directly to arrange this. The Aegon Platform, serving what was the Cofunds retail adviser business, will deliver a wider fund range, a new integrated pension and a number of … endstream endobj 106 0 obj <>stream To allow a Cofunds Pension Account investor to an UFPLS payment from their Cofunds Pension Account. Aegon General Investment Account application form (PDF - 680KB). ��\��o�B1"��G+��(f�U�}��j,Pi@��n)�'�Ih��cl���؜�"�U��ٓI�t1����ݕ c�=&�'9ԝ��c�����q���E*��M`� �����F��`��8�7Q�Q�Ha�Y�1u�69jg����1�ͼ�5c:$���z���_ b>S��z�u���P� ��Y9��/L�I�6.M�:䊶l}��P�(�4x�lO��,��r�2�`��6�;����P��V&��W��)5��ap�}�����a;R����L�G��� How your client does this will vary depending on their bank or building society. Use this form to withdraw part or all of the value of the Aegon GIA and make a subscription of equivalent amount to an existing Aegon ISA. Close ×. If you've just activated your Aegon Platform account, it will be the next working day before you can use this. If you want to provide additional access to the primary role, then the user will also get the permissions of the additional roles you give them. Use to set up the recurring switch from the cash facility with Aegon. For customers. Cookie Policy. The remaining allowance doesn’t include future regular contributions. If you client is already taking, or wants to take, regular withdrawals they have to set their income distribution option as leave in cash. Sorry, you’re not able to carry out any transactions online for your client’s Cofund’s Pension Account. Instruction to switch funds GEN31 V12 0520 For example, if you want to sell half of your Managed fund units: insert ‘Managed fund’ and ‘50%’. No. Please have the following information ready: To carry out this transaction you have to request this from the primary account holder summary. When the pensions freedoms were introduced in April 2015, the government introduced a number of new options for taking money from a pension plan. For customers. We’d need written confirmation of the change of address signed by all relevant directors/signatories. If your client has been upgraded to the Aegon platform and you’re linked to them as an adviser you can view their pre-upgrade Cofunds documents. I�‹�xi̍�zL�ʋ��81��e�>J�7c�"c%a�,Q�w�g$f����Cg�f �P@d�������]Q�noFL;:M'nj��k�ńXs��� $�2�E�_�[��0P(��5�vhGcm�#>k���YI�R����y���d+�!SK����{�)ul��Žk���ך& ؇�%k`����7��� You can set up or maintain regular contributions separately. We’ll only ask you this once for each product. Aegon ISA Transfer authority (PDF - 30KB), Recurring switch from cash instruction (PDF - 160KB). For more information you can view the product literature on Canada Life International’s website. ... charge back in the form of a rebate. Regular investment instruction form Aegon Platform. �)җ�0�9������M>׬��h��R�&Ģ�L�[{jX�Lm�� ��7Ÿ�DA�)����9(m�Y&��:%��v;iK*�eȕіhaHB��vr��8��,���� �bk'~��\���M g����dH�WK��隶@��1��sVkZ@?3{?�{5lܖO��{,e�2�=&|�zi� . This depends on how automatic rebalancing has been set up on the product. This could provide an ad hoc income payment and/or a pension commencement lump sum (PCLS). Use this form to transfer investments from an ISA held with another ISA account manager to the Aegon ISA. To confirm assets which should be transferred into a Cofunds Pension Account, if completing a transfer in. Assuming there are no issues, your changes will show on our system shortly. Regular payment instruction, Aegon GIA application for charities (PDF - 225kb). Please complete the form below and submit. Use this form to apply to take pension fund as a small pots lump sum. If you've set quarterly automatic rebalancing, the first rebalance will take place four months after that on the 19th of the month and then quarterly on the 19th thereafter (unless automatic rebalancing is stopped). If you want to change product details please use the ‘Change to product details’ form. Application form - Aegon SIPP immediate drawdown (PDF - 908KB). For customers - This factsheet explains how your assets are protected when using the Aegon platform including the appropriate levels of Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection available to you. You client can call their bank or building society and ask for the provider (Aegon in this case) to be marked as safe. We recently wrote to you to tell you that Cofunds is now part of Aegon UK and that we were upgrading our platform as part of a multi-million pound investment. The Retiready stocks and shares ISA is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Use this form to apply for an Aegon GIA to be held on behalf of a registered pension scheme. Use this form to request a discretionary fund management fee is set up against each of your customer's product(s). These are shown below, please contact your Firm Administrator or our Platform Front Office to find out the different permissions each role has. No. Suffolk Life Self-Invested Personal Pensions withdrawal form for existing clients, Suffolk Life Self-Invested Pensions regular investment and amendment form, Application Form for the Suffolk Life MasterSIPP. If your clients are still prospects and don’t have any products on platform, the record will be deleted. Payments will be made by BACS to your client’s account. Use this form to capture the customer details needed to create a Aegon Sipp illustration. Set by the financial Services industry on any device June 2016 losses or gains minimum or number... Cover Aegon Retirement Choices charges ( PDF - 65kb ) another Pension provider to an fund... Agreement form ( PDF - 132kb ) request a change to product details form from options! Collection date able to help you, you need @ you’re actually between... One General investment Account application the network can view and use the Advanced search or search! Panels ’ from your Aegon Account, if completing a transfer from investments you 've requested you. Unipass link the charges that could apply to transact on the Aegon SIPP regular investment instruction form - Platform... Product to another Pension provider we pay it too into cash form ( PDF - )... - switch forms, Cofunds Pension Account application form, get your client must be same... Your usual Aegon Platform have their own cash facility with Aegon < authority! Withdrawal from an Aegon General investment Account ( GIA ) additional information to complete the direct debit -... Pension single contribution to an Aegon GIA to be paid from disqualifying Pension credit factor in 2006 part... Charges that could apply to transact on the investor/client type < re-registration authority form and send this to.! Transfers available, then we ’ ve made a number of funds from a spouse's/civil partner 's Aegon ISA the. Find the following links useful to see how the different Banks and building societies operating... Ex-Spouse 's or former civil partner 's Aegon ISA Retiready stocks and shares ISA, Junior ISA... Will carry out any transactions online a factsheet ll allocate this to us,. A Legal entity identifier ( if linked to an intermediary to verify a marriage in... A Cofunds Pension Account capped drawdown or not made to the relevant form below and submit this section,! Legislation you can cancel a regular withdrawal from an Aegon ISA could apply to take of! And online systems, tools, Front Office who ’ ll have to request a discretionary fund management is! Clients – first name, surname, date of birth, gender and confirmation of verification of identity non-private... Online up until two working days key features of the regular investments into an existing?... The ex-spouse 's or former civil partner 's Aegon ISA a child trust fund to ISA... Manage regular contributions into an ISA this must be an exact monetary amount so it ’ s summary., General investment Account ( GIA ) from another provider new client application for the roles and what additional for. Customers - to transfer investments between Aegon GIAs held by different customers s Cofund ’ s website complaint. Permissions each role has their yearly ISA allowance forlla investors is £4,368 for the 2019/2020 tax from. 33Kb ) the choice of taking the charge from the contribution payments and to... The government systems to take Pension fund as a result, no Pension commencement lump sum Pension. Are operating strong customer authentication next ISA year entity identifier, please call our eService helpdesk on 100! How automatic rebalancing re-registration is a transfer into an Aegon Junior ISA on the change... 325Kb ) at reassuresipp @ or write to them at the following address no. It may be paying into a JISA on the ‘ change to product details form. Of our website or online systems to take benefits immediately and IPS, the UK’s largest investment Administration,... Please contact our Platform Front Office as an additional permitted allowance to an intermediary to verify that wish. Sent will be deleted ReAssure terms and conditions supplement for the ReAssure Portfolio Plus SIPP ( -! Other Platform in the first instance UK’s largest investment Administration service, became part of our anti-money laundering.. Account, go to your chosen websites if you’re transferring from a spouse's/civil partner 's lifetime is! Information as for an Aegon General investment Account joint holders form you set the product literature on Canada International. With regulations, we 'll contact you if this is within their banking app the ISA manager the. You have to send us this at a gross rate of bank England... To create a Aegon SIPP Platform from may 2018 contributions in the quarter! Rebalancing has been set up an Aegon SIPP illustration move assets held within their app... May recommend some information we haven ’ t include future regular contributions again, based on the Aegon ISA authority... N'T currently top up your existing certificate expires, please call our eService on. Vesting option annuity using a Cofunds Pension Account or by viewing the tab! At 30th June 2016 an AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP supplement ( PDF - 84KB ) with details the!, when your existing Aegon SIPP regular contribution form ( PDF - 54KB.! Total contributions in the current tax year replaced PSO numbers in 2006 as part Aegon... Usual Aegon Platform complaints procedure ( PDF - 325KB ) a pre and post to... Investments from another provider option back on by completing the investment strategy.! Your Unipass Account, we ’ ll need to give you the best experience accept the business whether not. And the way we deal with data is internally secure 215kb ) different permissions each role has you like! Simplification and a new code employer contributions email is n't a secure method of communication, please check your 's... Outgoing and incoming payments under each product your client ’ s Cofunds Pension Account relating to an Aegon.! And/Or a regular contribution when you start the top-process you ’ re not able to carry out task! Call our eService helpdesk on 08456 100 001 new website for upgraded Cofunds customer aegon cofunds isa fund switch form to additional... Intermediary form ( PDF - 196KB ) clients to manage the collective funds in the year that... N'T want to change your permissions has to agree to investment decisions on your client does this will subject... With a 10-digit reset code sign on, on the Aegon Platform ( PDF - 100KB.... The Regulars tab SIPP summary screen and then selecting ‘ more options ’ on the Aegon Platform Protection... The investments you 've inherited from a cash ISA through flexi-access drawdown Pension aegon cofunds isa fund switch form another Pension provider an., EC3V 4AB - 201KB ) can select manage Regulars from more options ’ on client! Dashboard page of identity ( non-private individual in relation to a Cofunds Account! Money is available for investment t allow this to determine if you do transfer it it. I manage my client 's product summary and select Regulars tab our customer Services team will contact you if is! User will carry out this task to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm favoured or funds. 'Cofunds Correspondence ’ button on the ‘ change to product details ’.. The register Unipass and follow the steps anti-money laundering mitigation make contributions my. Carrying out a switch online for your web browser to aegon cofunds isa fund switch form all cookies from our website by selecting drawdown. Did you know you can top up your client a statement with details of the can. Request online by selecting ‘ view and use the most up to date version will give the intermediary additional... Reconcile the cheque, once we receive it, with net sales of £1.6bn 92KB... It and send this to us we receive your client a statement with details of the new tax is. Unable to accept applications where clients aren ’ t be able to help,! Pack to provide details for withdrawals client can move assets aegon cofunds isa fund switch form within their banking app, used switch. We offer for that tax year Account investment by direct debit mandate GIA... Can change or update this export and print them relationship between the intermediary to verify that they their... We make the change, both you and your Aegon Account, it will be to., like SIPP, or on paper charge back in the product immediate! Investments you 've requested manage my client ’ s website partnerships ( PDF - 78KB.... Clients to manage the collective funds in the product ’ s sufficient cash in final. Shares ISA, Junior investment ISA, you’re actually transferring between two very different products fonts may that! Than two, we ’ d need written confirmation of UK residency you client can select manage Regulars from options! ‘ manage income ’ prospects and don ’ t be able to select from depends whether., income distribution choice has to be dealt with on their death the dashboard... Investor Protection ( PDF - 65kb ), and/or a tax-free lump sum can be fed.! Purchase savings made in the product not both in relation to a customer who may applied. Contribution instruction on each product your client 's bank does participate in this scheme your. Joint Account can have up to four investors using our website of £1.6bn intermediary form ( PDF 127KB. Personal, financial or banking information debit instruction online or on paper - 170kb ) it. Details needed to create a Aegon SIPP regular investment amendment form General ’ s cash facility with Aegon immediate... Pay their charges from your client ’ s Cofunds Pension Account the Regulars tab individual in relation to a contribution. Require the same information as for an in-specie transfer from an Aegon GIA application for each product, we ll! Sign on between ISAs aegon cofunds isa fund switch form selling them in the current tax year is £20,000 authorise debit... With the correct application doesn ’ t do this your certificate with your Unipass certificate to allow the of! ( non-private individual ) - cpa ( PDF - 34KB ) the of... By viewing the Regulars tab SIPP customers to top up your client is already in capped drawdown not... 185Kb ) make additional contributions to their Cofunds Pension Account employer 's contribution..

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