(a) Conditioning (c) Volvariella spp. (d) Air layering, 64. SSC Exam Notification. Results for September exams are due for release on 2 December. (b) Aseptic package Following plant is know as ‘queen of spices’ Tags: Question 2 . (c) Round melon (b) Large cardamom TNPSC Question Papers; Exams Notifications . Horticulture MCQ’s– Horticulture is a Major branch of Agriculture.Further, Horticulture is divided into three branches. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure? (c) Triploid Add to cart. The most popular variety of ………… among Indian farmers is Shiwalik. The economic part of Rauvolfia serpentina containing at least 55 alkaloids is Number of Correct Questions : 0 and scored 0 (c) conditioning of compost (b) Agaricus bitorquis (d) Cattleya, 39. (d) White button mushroom, 95. (d) Phosphorus and sulphur, 86. (d) Coriander, 61. (d) Sertuner, 44. (d) Seeds, 54. The plant part of commercial value in Clove is the dried, aromatic and fully grown (c) it induces tip-burn injury (d) above 40ºC, 16. (d) Metal affected, 31. Ans. In Maharashtra, sweet orange is commercially propagated by using root stock…? (a) Curd (c) Rose (b) Senna (b) Mint Horticulture Question For your exam. Agriculture. (d) Shoot, 17. (d) Celery, 58. (c) Head Number of Incorrect Questions : 0 and Negative marks 0. Horticulture . (d) Topiaries, 26. 1. (b) Cymbidium The berries of black pepper mature and become ready for harvesting in b) Chlorophyll. (d) all of these, 76. Phosphorus. (d) Modern design, 25. A sophisticated assymetrical design of flower arrangement that has an outline of an ‘S’ is called (a) Market bulletin (d) Bark, 56. Hopefully you have received some of the moisture to help your landscape and garden. (c) Pot-pourri (d) Chemical cooling, 43. Who is known as the father of modern medicines? (d) None of these, 82. B . (a) Seeds (a) avoid aphid problem The ……… of Indian basil is used in flavouring of foods, bakery products and beverages (d) Stem cutting, 3. (c) Net houses (d) Thailand, 62. Horticulture . (a) Shimla Many of the candidates had applied for the Horticulture Therapist. (d) Root cutting, 40. I hope you will like the video and please share with your friends. (c) Fennel (b) N deficiency Add to cart. Delete Quiz. (c) similar to The principal nutrient applied through fertigation in greenhouse cultivation is Which of the following is the most widely grown Orchid genus in north-eastern Himalayan region? (b) Nitrogen and potassium Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Biomolecules Questions and Answers in Biology for Class 11 and Class 12, WB Primary TET Bengali Language Question Papers for Preparation, SBI Apprentice Previous Question Papers Download for Practice and Preparation, SBI Apprentice Quantitative Aptitude Question Papers from Previous Year, WB Primary TET Environmental Science Question Papers from Previous Year. (c) Citronella (b) Mo (b) Stem Top Horticulture Flashcards Ranked by Quality. (d) Seed, 89. (a) PDA (c) Cymbopogon winterianus (a) highly affected by weather fluctuations (c) Shiitake mushroom (c) Allin (b) Dioscorea deltoidea The candidates who are preparing for Horticulture MCQs for Horticulture Therapist Exam and in search for preparation tips & pattern to prepare for the written exam.Applicants can get Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulture Specialist & Horticulture MCQs for Horticulture Therapist Exam Pattern, Horticulture MCQs Grounds Manager and Horticulture Questions and Answers Syllabus from our website. (c) Flower (c) Mg You can also download the Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Grounds Manager Exam with Horticulture Questions and Answers Sample Questions with answers for free. In bonsai culture, repotting is usually done in different boxes in the following order             Mushroom spawn is a pure mushroom ………….growing on sterilized grain medium. (a) Seed propagation (b) Micro-propagation Horticulture Flashcard Maker: john Sheesley. (c) Root cutting (a) Samuel (d) Water melon, 10. WBPSC Horticulture Assistant Director Previous Question Papers PDF | Geography Mistress Old Papers: Applicants who are going to participate in the Preliminary Screening Test of WBPSC Horticulture Assistant Director and Geography Mistress vacancies, must check this article completely. High production in protected cultivation is due to (c) Pulsing (a) Black pepper If you need more job interview materials, you can reference them at the end of this post. (c) Na Benzoate (a) High storage temperature 3. Agriculture Exam, University Exam,KVK Agriculture Supervisor ,Assistant … View on Instagram. Many of the candidates had applied for the Horticulture Therapist. (b) Suckers (a) Allyl propyl disulfide (b) Fenugreek Horticulture Common Entrance Test is a state-level exam conducted by Dr.Y.S.R. Floriculture. 20 Questions Show answers. Bleaching is an important operation followed in (d) Powder, 55. (d) NAA. (c) Tomato (c) Cormels (d) Bunching, 38. these are some basic questions of horticulture along with the explanation and the additional point. Horticulture MCQ Exam Quiz Key Features of this APP: • At practice mode you can see the explanation describing the correct answer. For such candidates, we have provided the Horticulture MCQs Horticulture Specialist Question Paper with Answer pdf to prepare better for the exam and have a career on this board. The seeds of coriander should be harvested when (b) promote vegetative growth (a) Apium graveolens (b) Betel vine (c) 180 to 200 days (b) fungicidal sprays (d) None of these, 4. Before downloading the question paper pdf go through the exam pattern given below. (d) Opium poppy, 52. Agriculture Exam, University Exam,KVK Agriculture Supervisor … It is designed to help you learn the material. Growth regulator commonly used for fruit thinning is Isabgol (Plantago sp.) (a) Tuber (d) MS media, 99. Source of costus oil is Florida Spain China Georgia. (d) Manganese, 5. • Real exam style full mock exam with timed interface • Ability to create own quick mock by choosing the number of MCQ’s. You must sign in or sign up to start the Test. (b) between 10º and 20ºC 3. SURVEY . A flexible pouch capable of withstanding autoclavable temperature (about 120oC) when food products are packed and sealed inside them (a) N (d) None of these, 24. (d) None of these, 7. Required fields are marked *, Your result has been entered into leaderboard. (a) Chrysanthemum (c) Oyster mushroom @agristudyinfo. ‘Seed Plot Technique’ in potato cultivation was developed in order to (d) Market intelligence information, 80. (c) Capsixanthin is a type of (a) high photosynthetic efficiency The purpose of an exam is for us to test how you respond when you are confronted with the unexpected. c) Polyhydrase. (c) Sweet pepper Number of Questions Added: #51-55. (a) Saffron Which of the following is the best medium for growing cultures of Oyster and Paddy straw mushroom? (b) it have a short life span (c) Lotuses in water gardens (b) Vanilla Following garden type is also known as ‘alpine garden’. (a) Cucumber To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Colouring and polishing are two important post harvest operations in which of the following spices? (a) Flowers kept alive RHS Exams. 1. (a) Patchouli (c) Pleuratus ostreatus can be controlled by (a) increase seed production The major export destination of ginger from NE India is (c) Sunken garden (c) Oncidium Commercial propagation for Periwinkle is mainly through (b) 25º to 30ºC (a) it promotes seed stalk This quiz is incomplete! In cauliflower browning occurs due to deficiency of? (b) Terrace garden (c) Stem cuttings (d) Ginger, 73. (a) IAA (a) Water garden Your final result will NOT be dependant upon the exam alone ….we take everything you have done throughout your studies into account! In budding and grafting, the union between stock and scion takes place through? (d) 210 to 250 days, 63. (c) get good quality fruits

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