The throttle body on your Ford Focus adjusts the amount of airflow allowed into the engine using a valve controlled by the accelerator pedal. P1120 FORD Meaning The Throttle Position Sensor responds to the accelerator pedal movement.The TPS is a rotary potentiometer sensor that provides a signal to the Powertrain Control Module that is linearly proportional to the throttle plate/shaft position.As the TPS is rotated by the throttle shaft, the following operating conditions are determined by the PCM: IRONTEK 3L5E9F991AD Electronic Throttle Body FITS Ford Lincoln V8 5.4L 05-14 Expedition, 05-10 F-150/F-250/F-350, for Lincoln 06-08 Mark LT, 05-14 Navigator, for Mercury 05-08 Mountaineer V8 4.6L. Ford recommended reprogramming the ECM and replacing the electronic throttle body (ETB) if it fails the test as a solution. I'm considering adding a throttle body spacer and intake manifold spacer onto my car while doing my next project.. (Intercooler, ram air snorkel, charge pipes..) Has anyone else installed these onto their ride? We provide a full selection of genuine Ford Focus Throttle Body, tested and validated by Ford Focus for fit, form and function. 34 years of experience. 0 # mpn4555720792. The warranty for the throttle body on certain 2009 to 2013 Ford Fusions has been extended to 10 years/150,000 miles. Ford throttle body problems have caused Ford owners to file a proposed class-action lawsuit alleging the Delphi Gen 6 electronic throttle bodies cause the vehicles to enter "limp-home" mode. Do I need to calibrate the TPS? m-9603-fsta. Recommended Services. The Ford Focus throttle body unit is something that may get worn down over time, making it not work properly. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. When that happens, you have to get it fixed at your local AutoZone. This is necessary because over time carbon can build up around the throttle plate of your car or the same can happen inside the throttle body. >located just behind the throttle body on the drivers side of the upper intake >plenum. if you do not have a ford performance account and would like to create one, ... 2013-2018 focus st performance rs cold air intake box. I was curious if I had to calibrate the TPS as I've asked a friend and he said I would. Filter. Please filter the Throttle Body results by choosing a vehicle. Arrives before Christmas Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Looking at the Boomba spacers. April 26th, 2017 at 5:37 pm. What are the steps and how do I reset the throttle body position? Have a helper hold the gas pedal to the floor while you wipe the residue from the throttle body and blade. This allows more air to enter during acceleration as needed, and closes the butterfly valve when you are idling to maintain the air and fuel mixture. It's a 2.0 split. Mark helpful. HI GUYS.its my ford focus 2008 .body control module is at fault for central locking can i get my fuse box repaired thanks billy i cant get my two back doors opened and also my passenger door and diesel flap locked .how much would it cost to replace... 2008 Ford Focus 16 tdci Posted: Dec 11, 2020. I have been looking around to replaced the Throttle Position Sensor in my focus to fix my terrible idle and lack of acceleration. Home>Ford Focus>Throttle Body Genuine Ford Focus Throttle Body. Ford Focus Mk3. When this process happens gradually the computer or PCM in your car starts to learn a new base idle or "home position." 38 Posts . If you need durable gaskets to prevent leaks on your vehicle, Fel-Pro is the way to go. m-9603-m4. Reset Learned values - musst man machen, nach zurucksetzen DPF habe ich nur cca 250km zwischen Regenerationen (vor I need to see a picture of a throttle position sensor for a Ford Focus SE automatic and where it's located. msrp $720.00 2005-2010 mustang gt billet throttle body.

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